Kinnow is a member of Citrus family. It was developed from a lengthy hybridization process, and is indigenous product from Pakistan…the largest grower of kinnow in the world. Many as the finest of all the citrus fruits regard this fruit, easy to peel and rich in flavor. Its ease of peeling and juice content is unequalified by any citrus fruit anywhere in the world. It is widely used for juices, squashes, jellies and marmalade.

IAC (Iftekhar Ahmed & Company), a sister concern of Altaf & Khammas Trading Co. has established its kinnow farms and factory in Sargodha district in the province of Punjab in Pakistan. This place's soil is best suited for cultivation of best quality citrus fruits. This is primarily due to the soil constituency and climate under which it grows. This environment is available in Punjab, Pakistan from December to April.

A citrus fruit with almost 50% juice content is delicious and sweet in taste and refreshing. Kinnow juice in concentrated or liquid form is virtually exported to all over the world. Once treated through a waxing plant it can retain its freshness up to 50 days.

IAC's processing line selects Kinnow, washes and waxes them. Their sizer selects each size. Over and under are automatically rejected. Citrus are waxed and treated with Citrashine+Fungazil500EC+TBZ. Kinnow are dispatched to a packing table for each range of size, and then they are packed in wooden boxes in different sizes according to the requirements.

General production of Kinnow (Mandarin) December to April.

Did You Know?
  • With proper handing and storing, the kinnow can retain its freshness for two months
  • Punjab province is famous for the production of quality Kinnow
  • Kinnow is rich in Fiber and Vitamin C, which is important for the production and maintenance of collagen.

Nutritional Facts

 Juice Content (%)  47.50
 Vitamin C (mg/100ml)  31.75
 Calcium (mg/100ml) 40.00
 Phosphorous (mg/100ml) 18.00
 Iron (mg/100ml) 0.40
 T.S.S (%)  0.25
 Acidity (%)  1.58
 pH 3.05
 Reducing Sugar (%) 3.75
 Non-Reducing Sugar (%) 3.65

IAC also owns packing & sorting plants with a high international standard of grading and quality control.

It is one of the most modern citrus packinghouse in Pakistan. They have a high performance system of surveillance by camera covering all the packinghouse, ensuring quality management throughout the production process.

After careful plucking of Kinnow from orchards, fruits are sent to packinghouse where first fruits are graded on a conveyor belt, any substandard fruit are removed at initial stage. After initial grading fruits are passed through detergent curtain to ensure all dirt are removed to give Kinnow more exquisite and lustrous look.


Did You Know

Nutritional Facts