Altaf & Khammas Trading Co. is a leading importer, exporter, marketer and distributor of fresh fruit, vegetables and other fresh produce to more than 15 countries around the world. Though Altaf & Khammas Trading Co. established in 1960s, it has been only over the last 15 years that we have experienced the tremendous change that has brought us to where we are today.

Chaudhary Mohammed Altaf established Altaf & Khammas Trading Co. . Since then, with his knowledge and sound experience of financial and operating management & procedures, he made the company steadily grown in size, scope and reputation to a leading importer and exporter. With the joining of his son Chaudhry Faisal Altaf in late 90s into the management team, gave the company implementation of young ideas and new strategies that have strengthened our position as a leading importer, exporter, distributor and marketer of fresh fruits that has laid a solid foundation for future growth.

Altaf & Khammas Trading Co. truly does all in the field of distribution! Which means we're able to respond quickly to changing market conditions. Our "vertically integrated" structure also allows us to control the quality and consistency of our products, facilitating "just in time" delivery of our products at the very peak of freshness. This close control and management of the many different aspects of the journey from field to the shelves ensures that we meet the needs of our customers quickly and maintain the quality standards for which the name Altaf & Khammas Trading Co has earned a recognition & reputation.

We provide a total service package. Firstly we ensure that right product is selected, packed and delivered as per the requirements by our suppliers with whom we develop a very close and professional relationship. We prefer to work with those suppliers who have their own representative in UAE so that our operations, logistics, documentation and freight forwarding services provide our customers and suppliers timely and accurate information they require to speed up production from fields to the market. We understand the needs of our customers and suppliers , and are eager to provide personalized service. When you engage in business with Altaf & Khammas Trading Co., you do business with a progressive company who has your best interests in mind at all times. We do everything possible to foster long-term professional relationship with our partners.

Our equation is simple. We start with quality product and supply it according to our partner's needs and requirements. We track every order and shipment to insure 100% satisfaction. We know our customers and our partners require timely information, we have established offices in Middle East, Europe and Asia to provide valuable services up to date information with every shipment. We will continue to listen and respond creatively with ways to make things simpler for our partners. Because while products may change in the future, our dedication to service will get stronger.